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Unleashing the Power of Snipe Bot: Revolutionizing Token Purchases with Enhanced Security

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Our Latest Feature...

Ai token checker (BSC)

In addition to our Ai ETH token checker you can now also use Ai to check tokens on Binance Smart Chain. Simply go to our main telegram channel and type ai bsc followed by the token address.

The Ai anlayses various checks including honeypot checks. This has been released 10 days agead of schedule.

Ai Anlaysis
Honeypot Checks
Detailed Results


Use our growing range of tools now!

Ethereum Elite Scanner

Scanning new listing on Ethereum.

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Solana scanner logo
Solana Scanner

New token listings on Solana.

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BSC scanner logo
Ethereum Scanner

All new listings on ETH uniswap.

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sniper bot logo
Sniper Bot

Purchase your own personal snipe bot.

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Check any logo
Anytime Token Checker

Check any token any time on BSC or ETH.

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Burn scanner logo
Ai check (ETH)

Check ETH tokens with Ai.

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About Antibot

🚀 Introducing our Snipe Bot & Security System

A game-changing tool for degens in the crypto space! 🌐 This innovative bot not only facilitates token purchases but also seamlessly integrates with the robust security alert features of AntiBot.

🎯 Snipe Bot is your go-to companion for securing those hot token launches. With its lightning-fast execution, you will be at the forefront of opportunities, snatching up tokens before the rest of the market even blinks.

Snipe Bot is not just about speed
It is about secure and informed trading
Personal snipe bots buy on first block.

Why Antibot!

The Best Bot In The crypto Industry

Ease of Use
Our bots do not require any special knowledge to be used easily by our users.
Safe & Secure
Our bot is designed for safety and security when it comes to token purchases.
Multiple Products
We dont just offer our Antibot sniper but also have other dedicated scanner bots.
Long Term Strategies
Antibot has a lomng term sustaible growth plan in place that will lead to good organic price growth.
Low Marketcap
Our low marketcap gives the potential for big gains for current early token holders, do not miss out.
Strong Team
Antibots team have overcome every hurdle and downturn and will continue to do so.


Antibot (ATB)

Total Supply 10 Billion


Buy Tax 3%
Sell Tax 3%
No Transfer Tax


Planning Progress